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Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm

Container of Cannuka CBD Soothing Skin Balm
Look Inside a Jar of Cannuka CBD Soothing Skin Balm | CBD & Manuka Honey Skincare

Cannuka Moisturizing Skin Balm


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Cannuka's concentrated Skin Balm soothes all skin types with rich hydration and powerful yet indulgent ingredients to help calm and correct extremely dry skin. Cannuka's unique combination of Manuka honey and other natural ingredients create a rich moisturizer that warms on contact to nourish and protect — from head-to-toe.  

You can also use as a finishing makeup touch by swiping across a cream blush or bronzer for added shine and radiance, or on your hands to protect them in dry winter air. 

The unique combination of CBD and Manuka honey works together with rosehip oil and orange peel butter, creating a rich moisturizer that warms on contact to nourish and protect skin. 

SIZE: 1.6 OZ  |  48 ML.

Warm balm between hands and apply to intended area. Spread evenly onto skin. Use as often as necessary to provide soothing and comforting relief on face and body.

Distilled Water, Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E, Orange Peel Butter, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey (Active 16+), CBD Isolate (50mg), Potassium Sorbate, Grapefruit Extract


We’re proud to be certified by PETA as cruelty-free beauty products. All of our products are made with natural ingredients and are never tested on animals.

it’s all in the details
Cruelty Free

PETA certified as cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients & are never tested on animals.

Safe for Everyone

Our ingredients are all natural making them safe for all ages and skin types.

Sustainably Sourced

Our ingredients are all sourced from sustainable farms in the US and New Zealand.

Why it's so

CBD and Manuka honey team up to fight dryness and cracking.


How It Works

The properties of CBD calm skin, and we’ve added vitamin E, shea butter, rose hip oil, orange peel butter, and grapeseed oil to replenish and protect skin.

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