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Project Cannuka

Cannuka will donate 3.1% of profits to health, environmental, and economic related issues we are passionate about. We hope to activate an alliance of conscious consumers that want to vote with their dollars

Why 3.1% of Sales?

Cannabis contains what medical experts call the “perfect balance” of omega 6 to omega 3. This ratio happens to be 3:1.

As a comparison, most western diets omega ratio is closer to 15:1. This out-of-balance omega fatty acid ratio can be contributed to our dependency on processed foods and not enough whole foods. Unfortunately, our out of balance omega ratios are one of the leading causes of body inflammation and chronic disease.

By educating consumers about what their ideal omega fatty acid ratio is, we can get more people interested in cannabis foods and skin care products.

By encouraging the development of an international cannabis market, we hope to benefit our (1) consumer’s health, (2) the environment’s health, and (3) the economy’s health. Our donations will focus on affecting these areas. 


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