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Frequently Asked Questions

If you use Cannuka on your skin will you get high?

No. Nor will they interfere with your work or day to day life. The CBD in our products help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, repair skin, reduce anxiety, reduce nausea, and acts potentially as a cure for cancer.

One more time for the record: CBD applied topically from Cannuka products will not get you high. 

The CBD in our products comes from the hempseed oil, not the medical marijuana plant.

Why does that matter and what's the main difference? Although medical marijuana and hemp come from the same family of plants, hemp typically has higher levels of CBD and contain 0.3% THC. Remember: THC is what gets you high. CBD is what helps your body. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, has much lower levels of CBD and is composed of 5-20% THC on average. 

Even if our products had CBD from the medical marijuana plant, when those CBDs are applied topically, they still won’t get users high.

This is because CBD applied topically in creams, lotions, etc., does not enter the blood stream. They only reach the CB2 receptors, part of the endocannabinoid system, on your skin. How CBD interacts with these receptors is how CBD has pain-relieving and healing effects.

Our products are not to be confused with THC patches. THC patches are designed to enter the bloodstream in a similar way that nicotine patches are. Those patches will get you high, and those effects will show up a drug test.  

If you use Cannuka on your skin, can you pass a drug test?

If apply any of our skin care products to your skin, it will not show up in a drug test. This is because the products are applied topically and they will not go into the bloodstream.  

Think about it like this: Doctors use rubbing alcohol on the skin to cleanse it, but it's not as if the person getting it rubbed on their skin would get tipsy. Nor would they fail a breathalyzer test. 

Now, if you get all primal on us, and start eating our lotions, lip balms, or creams -- which technically you could -- even then there is a virtually impossible chance that low level of THC from the hemp plant could show up on a drug test. 

You would probably have to consume a bag of hemp seeds or more for the possibility of it showing up on a drug test. 

Again, there are some topicals out there that do have THC and CBD in them. If you eat those, you have a more solid chance of not passing a drug test.

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Is using Cannuka, specifically products that have CBD in them, on your skin legal? 

Yes. Cannuka products are legal in all 50 states. This is because our products contain CBD from hemp oil, which has negligent levels of  THC. Hempseed oil is nationally recognized as a dietary supplement. It can be imported, exported, and consumed in any state. Same with hemp seeds.

Hempseed oil is nationally recognized as a dietary supplement. It can be imported, exported, and consumed in any state. Same with hemp seeds.

Other companies' products that have CBD from the medical marijuana plant, which contains significant levels of THC, are still illegal in most states.

To find out of a product has THC, simply read the label.

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