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Meet Scott and Michael  friends, cousins, & founders

Michael & Scott of Cannuka

Bring it all back now

The founder's story started when Scott became aware of the hemp industry while working at a small custom clothing company he helped create.

"I had a customer ask me about making hemp T-shirts and beanies for a clothing line he was working on, and I really had no idea what he was talking about. At that time we only dealt with cotton and polyester. I did some research on the Google machine and found out all about hemp textiles and the nutritional profile of hemp foods. I fell in love. China was leading the world in the production of hemp textiles and Canadian farmers and processors were investing in the hemp seed market. I also found out the state I was attending college in, Kentucky, was trying to legalize hemp on the state level back in 2011. I knew I wanted to help re-launch the American industry due to hemp's problem-solving potential. It could create a healthier and much more sustainable consumer product market" - Scott

I'm a little bit country

Upon graduating from the University of Kentucky, Scott moved back to Ohio and reached out to Michael to discuss the hemp industry. Michael, who was born and raised in a small farming community, realized that legalizing industrial hemp could be the best thing for farmers since John Deere built the combine. That might be a stretch, but what excited Michael most about hemp is that it had the potential to simultaneously improve our economy, our environment, and our overall health. Someone just needed to develop the right type of products to help overcome all the taboos that have attached themselves to hemp.  

Better environment, better tomorrow

"I saw the same potential that Scott saw in the hemp industry, and that's all it was, potential. Farmers would only grow hemp if it made economic sense. Both Scott and I understood that in order to get farmers and the Ohio Farm Bureau to eventually support hemp, we would have to increase the demand for this commodity by creating innovative, healthy, and sustainable products. We chose the skin and wellness industry for a variety of reasons. One being all the health benefits of both CBD and Manuka honey." - Michael

Let's change the way we live

The Cannuka founders believe in the importance of looking at your daily skin care routine as a part of your daily "preventative" health care process. Having beautiful skin is just the end result of being mentally and physically healthy.

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