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Ready to revolutionize your standard spa treatments and be the talk of your community? Let's do it!

Revolutionary new ingredients. 

Phytocannabinods are the newest ingredient to hit the wellness market, and our products are designed to maximize the therapeutic properties of the world's most talked about plant extract.

Our products withhold the first legal cannabis to hit all 50 states, and it comes in the form of hemp. 

Are people in your community wanting access to legal cannabis products? Are you trying to offer them phytocannabinoid products and services? Are you wanting to collaborate on something awesome? Do you just have something intriguing you'd like to share with us? 

We're a baby of a company, but we're backed by thousands of years of human testing and validation by science.

The pool's full, and the water's a refreshing delight. It's time to jump in. 

Drop us a line.


  • You are a wholesaler looking to distrube Cannuka products
  • You are another business or individual who has a project or idea and would like to collaborate
  • You have something cool you want to share with the Cannuka Team. 
  • You just want to say hi and introduce yourself. 


Please give us your first and last name, email address, and leave us a message to the right in the fill out form.

Manuka honey points if you let us know your idea, goals, vision, and an interesting fact about who you are. 


By the way, we also buzz around on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

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