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Collaborate with Cannuka

We are based in Columbus, Ohio and love collaborating with different companies and passionate people who share similar philosophies and get as excited about new opportunities as we do. 

Why collaborate? 

At Cannuka, we think that combining resources of outside talent, experience, and knowledge offers more creativity and cool ideas. It's as simple as that. 

Here are some ways we can create together: 

Product Development 

The outside world calls it product development, and we call it crafting kick-ass lotions, lip balms, and face washes that have ingredients people can feel good about slathering, smelling, and absorbing. 
Designing new skincare recipes with healthy ingredient ideas from our friends might be the most exciting emails we look forward to sending every day. 

Promotions and Giveaways

It's not a one-way street here at Cannuka. We like to reward our customers with random surprises and ways for them to get involved by sponsoring unique events, hosting digital contests, and offering insightful online stories and information around Manuka honey and cannabis.

What makes all this stuff better? Teaming up with other companies and individuals to collab.

If our customers love our company as much as we think they do, we have some other companies in mind that we think they'll love too. And we don't mind sharing the spotlight and spreading the good word. 

Meet Ups and Events

One thing we believe in strongly is not only applying good ingredients to your skin but eating them too. So, naturally, we like cooking and experimenting with the same ingredients we use in our skincare products.

Teaming up with local cooks that love cooking organic and natural recipes is one of our favorite kinds of meet ups. 

Let's do it, do it, do it. 

Do you have an idea for a meetup, event, promo, giveaway, or inventing a new skincare product?

Contact us to get started and input your information to the right. 

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