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Around the world, around the world. 

Since Cannuka’s founding, we have been on a journey to fulfill our vision of accelerating cannabis industries. We aim to increase awareness for all natural hemp products and to empower farmers to go green and make green.  

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By encouraging organic hemp and Manuka honey production, we hope to create an environment where fewer agrochemicals are needed, honey bee colonies can flourish, and small farmers can feel more financially secure.  

To accomplish our goals, we set off to create some world class products, and we do mean "world". The ingredients we source for Cannuka come from all over the globe, including New Zealand, Canada and Colorado.  

We're entrepreneurs at heart. If we can create great products which utilize hemp, and get those products into enough people's hands, that will push for broader legalization.

If there increase the demand for hemp products, more hemp will need to be cultivated. This will simultaneously improve people's health, the environment, and over time, it can create more jobs!

We’re not just a skincare company. We’re a health and wellness company.

Our skin is our largest organ. To keep our bodies healthy, we have to keep our skin healthy. That starts with healthy ingredients. The inspiration for our products’ ingredients comes directly from the functional foods we eat.

By encouraging healthier skin diets, and leveraging the science behind natural plant oils and extracts, we hope to revolutionize the way people view their skincare routine.

When it comes down to it, the health of our bodies, our minds, and our loved ones is all that matters. Cannuka was founded to not only improve the health of our skin but improve the environment we live in and the economy simultaneously.

Mission possible. 

We’ve aligned all parts of Cannuka around the mission to evoke a health and wellness renaissance around hemp, honey, and all-natural plant extracts because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to supplement their wellness routine with all-natural and affordable CBDs.

We aim to inspire friends and family to vote with their dollars and support a new way of thinking about plant science and the benefits of going green.

Future goals.

It is our goal to educate people about the benefits of cannabis, Manuka honey, and CBD, not only for skin but for all aspects of daily life. To complement our current offerings in our Cannuka SKIN and Cannuka MEDI lines, we aspire to grow and expand with Cannuka EATS products as our next goal.

We thank you for letting us into your lives and helping us spread the good word about medical grade Manuka honey, cannabis, and CBD! 

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