Show your skin some love with our Manuka Honey Infused Collection

The Founders

Founders Michael and Kelly Bumgarner with their son Michael and daughter Rosemary.
Our Story

Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Cannuka founder Michael Bumgarner always had a passion for the livelihood of his fellow farmers — as well as products that benefit health and the environment. So it wasn’t surprising when he developed an early interest in legalizing industrial hemp cultivation … a quest that led him to the discovery of the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties of hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD.

Bolstered by an entrepreneurial spirit and the support of his wife Kelly, Cannuka was created, a breakthrough natural product line combining two unique ingredients: Cannabis CBD and New Zealand’s Manuka honey — part of the tea tree family offering more beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-irritant properties than other honey types.

As they embarked on their journey, Michael and Kelly knew they wanted to be more than just another medicinal Cannabis line. They decided early on that skincare would be the gateway to introducing Cannuka to the world, and they leveraged Kelly’s experience and expertise as a dermatology PA-C to do so.

It was an approach focused on mass appeal, one that allowed them to showcase the aesthetic benefits of beauty — something tangible people could actually see. This was easily accomplished, because while CBD and Manuka honey work together to calm inflammation and heal the skin, they also produce a glowing, rejuvenated complexion as a welcomed “side effect.”  

Today, this family-run company has truly paved the way for legitimizing the Cannabis industry, and they show no signs of stopping. In fact, Michael and Kelly are poised to add even more health and wellness products to their repertoire soon, including creams providing pain and anxiety relief.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to legitimize the cannabis industry which will inevitably create a more healthy populous, a cleaner environment, and could ignite an industrial revolution we have not seen since the roaring 1920’s.  

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