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Why Serena Williams Loves Manuka Honey

Why Serena Williams Loves Manuka Honey
on February 28, 2020

A professional tennis player, fashion icon, and full-time mom, Serena Williams is the last person one would expect to have time for a lengthy pre-slumber skin routine. As someone who has proven she can literally accomplish anything, ofcourse Queen Serena makes the time. 


According to BEAUTY/crew, she's actually got one of the most "extreme" routines they've ever seen. We had to see for ourselves, as team Cannuka believes that there's no such thing as being overly dedicated to great skin.


What caught our eye immediately was Serena's attention to ingredients, most especially Manuka honey


Coming off the tail end of sweater weather, Serena looks to Manuka honey to combat dry skin caused by the wintery cold.


A natural humectant, Manuka honey draws in moisture from the air and pulls it into skin to deliver a natural, dewy glow - but don't take our word for it.


"I was in cold weather and manuka honey moisturises your skin so, I wanted something that would bring a lot of moisture to it," noted Serena before she applied a Manuka honey face mask.


While Serena keeps her Manuka honey mask on for 20-minutes before bed, team Cannuka prefers to keep our faces protected all night long using a powerful combo of our Harmonizing Face Cream and Calming Eye Balm - both of which are packed with Manuka honey and CBD

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