Why Does Manuka Honey Hydrate Your Skin Better Than Other Honey?

Posted by  on April 2nd

The prevalence of honey skincare products is continuing to grow thanks to its popularity in enhancing the skin. But manuka skin care often stands out among other honey skincare products, and for good reasons. That's because manuka honey provides several healthy skin benefits, including the ability to speed up acne scar recovery and decrease inflammation. However, hydration is key to healthy, beautiful skin and is one of the most important benefits manuka honey offers. Manuka honey also often does a better job at hydrating the skin than other honey skin care products. Here's how:



Manuka Honey Draws Moisture to the Skin


Honey skincare is often used to hydrate the skin thanks to its ability to absorb moisture when exposed to the air. However, manuka honey takes it a step further by drawing moisture to the skin. That's why manuka honey beauty products provide more hydration than other honey skincare products. As a natural humectant, manuka honey helps draw water from the air when it reaches optimal humid levels. It also takes moisture from the second layer of the skin and draws it to the top layer. This makes having dewy, glowy skin possible when using Manuka skin care.



It's Great for Exfoliation


Individuals who want to take full advantage of the long-lasting benefits of hydrating their skin should also consider exfoliating their skin. When a person exfoliates her skin, she helps remove dead skin cells that can get in the way of fully absorbing moisture in the skin. Skincare products require removal of dead skin in order for individuals to maximize the benefits of the skincare products they use. Manuka honey beauty products provide the advantage of facilitating exfoliation. That's because manuka honey helps remove dead skin cells. This helps the skin absorb moisturizers and other skincare products that help hydrate the skin since these moisturizers are able to deeply penetrate exfoliated skin.




Manuka Honey Has More Moisturizing Properties


Supporting hydration also calls for having essential properties that help skin absorb moisture. Even though honey skincare products provide several benefits for moisturizing the skin, manuka honey's moisturizing properties help support hydrating the skin and locking in moisture. While honey is low in moisture, it has the ability to draw in moisture. Manuka honey has a higher potential to attract moisture to the skin than other types of honey thanks to its moisturizing properties.



Manuka Honey Makes Skin Look Smoother


Because manuka honey is full of antioxidants, it helps make the skin appear smoother. The honey is derived from bees that pollinate the New Zealand manuka plant and contains several ingredients with antioxidant benefits that help smooth the skin, including alpha hydroxy acids. For example, alpha hydroxy acids work to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, which can encourage shedding of the top layer of the skin and exfoliation. Manuka beauty products also provide a calming effect and help soothe irritation and inflammation.



Final Thoughts


While there are several honey skincare products on the market, none have the same impact on hydrating the skin as do products with manuka honey, such as Cannuka. Whether its supporting exfoliation for deeper product absorption or drawing in extra moisture to the skin, manuka honey often outdoes other honey skincare products thanks to its capabilities. With its myriad of skincare benefits, indulging in manuka honey beauty products is more than a luxury. It's essential to gain the most moisture from honey products.



Manuka Honey Skin Care

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