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The Unexpected Benefits of Balms

The Unexpected Benefits of Balms
on December 11, 2019

You’ve probably used lip balm without thinking about it, but did you know that you could use balms on your face, or even your entire body? 

Unlike watery lotions or other moisturizers, balms are a concentrated salve that can help lock in moisture. This is important if you just used an expensive serum on your skin and don’t want it to dry up immediately! 

But balms are especially great in the wintertime, when your skin is at increased risk of dehydration. You don’t want to lose the precious natural oils on your skin after a brisk walk on a cold winter’s day or during a hot shower. 

Here are five of our favorite reasons to consider trying balms to help your skin stay smooth and hydrated. 

  • Balms are an occlusive. Occlusives are a category of moisturizer that works by locking in moisture, rather than creating it. They provide a physical barrier so that your skin’s natural oils (and recently applied lotion) stays locked into your epidermis. 

  • There’s no water in it. Since they’re locking in moisture, balms don’t need any water in it. And that’s a good thing, because products that contain water (like creams and lotions) also need preservatives to prevent mold or bacteria from growing. You don’t need to worry about any of that with oil-based balms. 

  • You don’t need much. Unlike a bottle of lotion, where it isn’t uncommon to see a label instructing you to apply “liberally” -- you don’t need to go nuts with a balm. A tiny bit goes a long way to help seal in moisture, so you can keep your high-quality products lasting as long as possible. In fact, you only need about half a pea size of balm to cover your entire face.

  • They aren’t limited to lips. Most people keep a tube of lip balm handy because it makes such a serious difference in treating chapped lips. Now, think about how great balms are when used on other dry parts of your body! A touch of eye balm can work wonders on your delicate under-eye area without irritating it further. Try skin balm for everywhere else on your body, like dry knees or rough feet. 

  • We take it to the next level with CBD oil and Manuka honey. While we think we made a pretty solid argument that any kind of balm is pretty amazing, Cannuka’s lineup of balm products is especially enticing. That’s because all our balms use a combination of CBD oil and Manuka honey, which are independently shown to help restore moisture with nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. 

Ready to see how balms can transform your skincare routine? Hint, hint: check-in with us tomorrow, December 12, for a one-day deal.  

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