CBD - A Traveler's Secret Weapon

Travel takes a serious toll on mind, body, and spirit. Thankfully, CBD is one powerful holistic support that will help you thrive during your trip. Read on to learn just some of the reasons why so many travelers don't leave home without CBD.

Calming Down

Many people experience serious anxiety while traveling. Travel disrupts your routine and requires careful coordination -- even if you're going somewhere relaxing. Some people even deal with severe anxiety in planes or cars, or when visiting crowded, busy places like airports.


CBD can powerfully -- and naturally -- improve your mood, relieve your anxiety, and help you de-stress. With a topical CBD product, you may notice your mood improving, and the minor traumas of a stressful trip affecting you less.

Reducing Swelling

Some travelers notice increased swelling while on the road. Using caffeine to stay moving, filling up on salty snacks, and changing your hydration patterns will affect how your body retains water. Long stretches of time spent sitting on planes or in cars causes blood and lymph to pool in your feet, ankles, and legs.


CBD can relieve inflammation and its negative effects, including redness, swelling, and pain. What's more, by rubbing a topical CBD product on any swollen areas, the massage action will gently flush out excess lymph and water while the CBD works.

Protecting Your Immune System

When you travel, you may notice that your immune system changes. Many report mild cold or flu symptoms when they return. They may have picked up some bug they don't have immunity to, or their immune system might be weakened due to the stress of travel.


CBD helps by reducing stress and inflammation that make it harder for your immune system to do its job. If you need an extra boost, a little manuka honey -- in addition to tasting great -- also serves as an antibacterial and antiviral agent, to kill off those pesky germs before your immune system even runs into them.

Staying Moisturized

For many people, travel means dry skin. Recycled air in airplane cabins, plus hyperactive A/C in hotel rooms and cars, leaves your skin ashy and itchy. Topical CBD products like oils and lotions don't just help you stay calm, collected, and healthy -- they keep you moisturized, too.


Travel shouldn't leave you feeling stressed, strung out, and sick. The next time you're heading out, be sure to pack one of our travel-friendly CBD and/or manuka honey products in your bag. They're small enough to get through the TSA checkpoint (and they're perfectly legal!) -- but they're powerful enough to help you feel your best, wherever you go.


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