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7 Anti-Aging Benefits of CBD

Posted by Cannuka on April 4th, 2019

Unknown to many, the human body produces its own naturally occurring cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. It's very similar in makeup to plant-based phytocannabinoids, which is found in the cannabis or hemp plant and is often extracted to produce CBD (cannabidiol). When the body lacks cannabinoids, CBD is an option to help replenish the body's supply. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that pure CBD is safe as no harmful effects have been reported.


The fact that CBD offers a range of medicinal benefits makes perfect sense and is nothing new. It's commonly used for everything from relieving pain to lowering blood pressure. It's health benefits don't stop there though. In fact, researchers have shown that it can actually reverse the aging process. Crow's feet, laugh lines, forehead gone! Based on scientific evidence, there are 7 anti-aging benefits of CBD that make it the next best thing to a fountain of youth.

Benefit 1: Reduces Pain and Swelling

Many people are afflicted with chronic skin conditions that can cause unbearable pain and swelling. Psoriasis, eczema, and acne can lead to unsightly and blotchy skin and blemishes. In addition, uncontrolled diseases of the skin can cause long-term damage and make one look much older over time. CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin it works wonders to help control pain and greatly reduce swelling. ICompared to other treatments involving chemicals and drugs, pure CBD isolate is a better alternative because it's all natural and perfectly safe.

Benefit 2: Prevents Cell Damage

Cell damage is often caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are produced in the body in response to environmental pressures and other factors. They're responsible for alot of ailments. Antioxidants, nutrients found in foods such as fruits and vegetables, are beneficial to the body because they are able to delay and even prevent certain types of cell damage caused by these free radicals. As an antioxidant, CBD was found to be more effective than vitamin C and vitamin E consumed in foods and supplements. Just like the natural oils that exist in the body, CBD fights those free radicals and helps keep cells healthy.

Benefit 3: Treats Dry Skin

As skin ages, it starts to lose its ability to produce sebum, an oil produced by the sebaceous glands. This natural oil helps to keep the skin soft and supple. Without, skin becomes dry and frail. Studies have suggested that endocannabinoids are responsible for the secretion of oil in the skin. This is why it's believed that CBD is beneficial to skin. It acts as a good replacement for natural oils so that the skin stays lubricated and doesn't look dry and scaly.

Benefit 4: Increases Sebum Production

Some people have oily skin due to an overproduction of sebum as well as environmental and lifestyle factors. Too much sebum can leave the skin unbecomingly greasy and shiny, particularly in the face. Not only that, the excess oil can mix with dead skin cells, clogging the pores and leaving the skin prone to acne. While too much oil can cause problems, the same can be said for a lack of oil. When applied to the skin, CBD extracts actually helps to regulate the secretion of sebum. In this way, the sebaceous glands only produce just the right amount of oil so that there's not too much or too little.

Benefit 5: Reduces Wrinkles

Collagen, a structural protein in the nails, muscles and other connective tissues, is what gives skin elasticity. Wrinkles occur with age due to a breakdown of collagen. While the rate at which one shows signs of aging is partially due to genetics, the breakdown of collagen can be accelerated by exposure to sun, pollution, and other environmental factors. Add in stress, an unhealthy diet, and other bad habits, and you're bound to make yourself look old. Along with dry skin, a lack of endocannabinoids can leave the skin with more noticeable lines and wrinkles. CBD can help to keep the skin taut and reduce the amount of skin wrinkling.

Benefit 6: Protects the Skin

Prolonged exposure to environmental elements can damage the skin and can permanently alter one's DNA. As a natural skincare regiment, the daily application of CBD isolate offers protection of the skin against added stresses, unlike any other products. In addition to helping to heal damaged cells and wounds, it has been shown to be effective against cancer of the skin and other skin-related diseases. The chemical makeup and properties of CBD are so similar to those found in the natural body that CBD has the power to provide protection and healing when the body can't.

Benefit 7: Slows Down Aging

The young and old alike are all subjected to harmful environmental pressures throughout their lives. Exposure to UV rays and pollutants can wreak havoc on otherwise youthful skin. Premature aging can make one look much older than are, and damage to the skin can diminish one's self-esteem. CBD is somewhat of a miracle extract because of its ability to replenish natural substances and promote healing. If used enough, science has proven that CBD skincare can reverse some of the signs of aging. In some forms, CBD has been found to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia. Overall, CBD can drastically improve one's quality of life.


Based on much scientific evidence, CBD skincare offers all the benefits to retain a youthful look. When the body lacks cannabinoids, CBD isolate is an option to help replenish the body's supply. With regular and early use, the best skincare starts with CBD. Whether suffering from skin disease or simply fighting the natural signs of aging, the best approach is to include hemp skincare in the daily regiment.

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