5 Reasons That CBD Should Be an Ingredient in Your Skincare

There’s been a bit of a revolution in the world of beauty. Consumers have grown tired of putting harsh, often unrecognizable ingredients on their skin. They’ve been searching for an approach to skin care that’s healthier, more natural, and that produces beautiful results without being packed with chemicals. They’ve been speaking up, and mother nature has provided an answer.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from the hemp plant and has become hugely popular in the natural beauty industry. CBD oil is packed with all the healing goodness of hemp but is more concentrated. High amounts of vitamin E and omega fatty acids are just part of what makes CBD so suitable for natural skin care. But, should you try it? Absolutely, and here are 5 reasons to prove it.

Your Skin Loves Vitamins

You’ve probably been lectured your entire life about the importance of nutritious foods and vitamins to keep your body healthy. While glowing skin can be a benefit of being in good health, sometimes your skin needs a little extra nourishment of its own.

CBD skin care products are naturally rich in vitamin E and vitamin C – two powerful healing and rejuvenating nutrients for your skin. These vitamins help to protect your skin from environmental stress and slow the natural process of aging. Need proof? Try smoothing on a luxurious CBD lotion after your shower and feel the results for yourself.

Gentle Acne Treatment

The essential fatty acids that are found in products like CBD skin cream provide anti-inflammatory properties – something that’s crucial in soothing inflammatory acne. Plus, acne breakouts are often caused by bacteria on the skin’s surface. CBD has antibacterial properties that gently fight the cause of acne before it occurs.

Soothe Tired, Puffy Eyes

We’ve all looked in the mirror at the end of a long day and saw the evidence of fatigue and stress in the puffiness under our eyes. The skin under your eyes is thinner, more fragile and deserves a gentler approach than what’s found in the typical eye cream.

Products like CBD skin cream are infused with the anti-inflammatory benefits of Cannabidiol. The anti-inflammatory effect gently tightens and reduces puffiness in the delicate under eye area without irritation.  

The Natural Anti-Aging Approach

Some studies have shown that receptors in the brain can interact with CBD – in a good way. Our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of cannabinoids, and research suggest that when introduced to the skin, CBD can spark receptors that increase the body’s cell regeneration ability. Translation – fresh, healthy looking skin with fewer signs of aging.

A Singular Approach to Multiple Skin Issues

Do you suffer from skin that seems to have multiple personalities? You’re not alone. Many people find themselves dealing with acne and their first fines lines at the same time. CBD skin care products work to soothe and treat a variety of skin conditions from eczema and psoriasis to pesky breakouts.

Quality Matters

CBD is great on its own, but it’s even better when combined with other natural healing ingredients like Manuka honey. Cannuka  features a full line of products that include CBD lip balm, CBD soap and more. If you’d like to learn more about the beautiful benefits of CBD, visit Cannuka.com and let us introduce you to your new favorite CBD skin care products.


What Makes Manuka Honey So Special in Skin Care?

We have a long standing love affair with honey. There’s evidence that we’ve been using and enjoying honey not only for its sweetness but also for the abundant antibacterial and healing properties for 8,000 years.  There are over 300 types of honey produced by hard working bees in just the United States alone. However, one of the most amazing varieties of honey isn’t produced in the northern hemisphere.

Manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush that’s native to New Zealand. Of all the types of honey, Manuka honey has long been praised for its exceptional healing and beautifying properties. What makes Manuka honey so special? Let’s take a look and find out.

How Is Manuka Honey Different?

All types of honey have some shared characteristics. For example, honey has long been known to have antibiotic properties, due in large part to an enzyme called glucose oxidase. As this enzyme breaks down glucose sugars, it produces hydrogen peroxide – an antibacterial agent that most people are already familiar with.

Manuka honey also contains glucose oxidase, but what sets it apart is a higher than usual concentration of methylglyoxal, a compound with significant antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is what’s behind Manuka honey’s reputation as a superfood and the reason why Manuka honey beauty products have earned the respect of people all around the world.

What’s Special about Manuka Honey Skincare?

The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of Manuka honey make it an exceptionally well suited ingredient for gentle, natural skin care. The next time you’re wandering down the skin care aisle take a minute and check out a few of the labels. The ingredient lists are filled with unrecognizable ingredients that often can’t even be pronounced. These chemical ingredients are added to products to produce a certain effect when they’re used.

In many cases, this involves reducing inflammation, clearing acne or rejuvenating dull, lifeless skin. Manuka honey does all of this and more without needing the help of harsh chemicals. Here are a few of the ways Manuka skin care is far superior to standard skin care.

Heals Acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition, and it’s often treated with harsh ingredients that can cause even more inflammation. Manuka honey is a gentle way of treating acne and the occasional breakout because it reduces redness and heals inflammation as it oxygenates the skin to draw out troublesome bacteria and cure acne at the source of the problem.

Anti-Aging Skin Smoother

Manuka honey beauty products inhibit a group of enzymes called MMP, which are known for their destructive effects on collagen. As collagen weakens, the skin loses its firmness and those first fine lines start to appear. Manuka honey helps to prevent this breakdown, plus it helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture without producing an oily after effect.


As Manuka honey is absorbed into the skin, it works on a cellular level to promote skin regeneration. These cellular processes help facilitate cell turnover, repair damage, and leave you with skin that looks fresh, glowing and healthy.

Quality Matters


While Manuka honey is amazing, not all Manuka honey is created equal. As Manuka honey is processed, it is assigned a rating called a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). The higher the rating, the more suitable the honey is for health and beauty purposes. While a rating of 10+ is ideal for everyday use, we strive to provide the best by using honey with a UMF of 16+. We’re excited for you to experience the wonders of Manuka honey for yourself. Visit Cannuka.com today and begin your own love affair with Manuka honey skin care products.

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