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Cannuka: Unconventional Skincare

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We aren't your grandma's skincare line.

Cannuka was founded with a rebellious drive to provide unconventional solutions to some of the world's biggest problems. We create innovative CBD and Manuka honey wellness products while trailblazing socially-minded business practices. We love the environment and the cultures that come together to make our products.

Everything we do starts with asking a well-crafted question.

The question we started with was, How do we make cannabis (hemp in particular) the most farmed commodity in the world? We believe that the greater cannabis industry will not only improve our health and lower healthcare costs, but it will improve the environment as well.  

CBD is a BFD.

Topical skincare products are proving to be one of the best delivery methods of hemp CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD is an antioxidant that has been shown to be more powerful than vitamins A, C, & E!

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CBDs found in cannabis also mimic cannabinoids that our body naturally produces. They can act like medicine to bring our endocannabinoid system back into balance.

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Let's work together...for better.

The skincare and wellness industries are currently dominated by average products for average people.

We provide a more personal connection and seek out remarkable consumers who want to help us co-create the future of health and wellness. We will evolve as our customers tell us too!

We seek to provide you with the highest performing skincare products in the world. If you think we can do better, let us know.

Let's age together,

- The Cannuka Team

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